Eye diseases

Browse a sortable list of eye and learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatments. OPC works to ensure the human right to sight and provides research, treatments and cures for people affected by blindness and blinding diseases in Francophone Africa. 

Carte des pays en Afrique francophone. La carte montre les pays d'intervention de l'OPC. L’Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité (OPC) intervient en Afrique Francophone

OPC fights Eye diseasess, blindness and prevents blindness by empowering francophone africans through sustainable access to sight.

Francophone Africa is frequently overlooked by international development stakeholders when it comes to restoring sight and providing quality eye care. The Organization for the Prevention of Blindness (OPC) works with local governments, civil society organizations and communities to fight blindness, restore vision, encourage local ownership of eye health care systems and ensure human right to sight.


At OPC, we chose to be a “glass house” to explain where every dollar goes. We owe it to our donors and partners to keep their trust and support.

Of every dollar we spend, 92 cents goes to preserving and restoring eyesight of the world’s most vulnerable people.

  • Programs (90%)
  • Fundraising costs (8%)
  • Operating costs (2%)