Remembering Yves Pouliquen

yves - L’Organisation pour la PrĂ©vention de la CĂ©citĂ© (OPC) encourage le renforcement des systèmes de santĂ© oculaire et lutte pour le droit Ă  la vue des populations les plus nĂ©gligĂ©es en Afrique francophone.OPC learned with great sadness of the death of its Honorary President Professor Yves Pouliquen on February 5 at the age of 88. Professor Pouliquen was an eminent ophthalmologist, a member of the French Academy, and a Grand Officer of the LĂ©gion d’honneur.

Professor Pouliquen chaired OPC from 1997 to 2009. It was under his presidency that OPC deepened its engagement with the world’s most neglected countries, in Africa in particular, to promote public eye health and primary eye health – a path opened by OPC pioneers such as Professor Marcel Chovet. Under his mandate, OPC opened an official relationship with the World Health Organization as well as established collaborations with other NGOs and international foundations. These partnerships remain pillars of OPC’s strategic plan of action.

During his presidency, Professor Pouliquen was unwavering in his generous personal support for OPC, steering the organization through difficult times. He set an example through his leadership, his clear vision for OPC, his extensive knowledge of ophthalmology, and his attention to others. Following his retirement from the presidency of OPC, Professor Pouliquen was engaged in many activities, including the online publication of the Académie française dictionary, but nonetheless he remained close to OPC and took an active interest in OPC’s activities and progress. This is demonstrated by his last impromptu visit to OPC headquarters last spring during a Bureau session, during which he impressed the audience with his clearsighted remarks, thoughtful observations and unwavering support for the organization and his confidence in the future of OPC.

Professor Pouliquen was laid to rest following a private service. 

OPC – February 2020