Tax-deductible Charitable Giving

Tax-deductible Charitable Giving

With the holiday season underway, many individuals, organizations, and corporations are considering how to make a significant impact through year-end charitable giving. If the “most… wonderful time of the year” wasn’t enough to move people to donate, a tax-deduction before the year ends might! 

The Organization for the Prevention of Blindness (OPC) is proud to provide the opportunity for tax receipts, as allowed by law, to Americans and U.S. corporations so that they can reap the benefits of U.S. charitable giving while ensuring the right to sight for Francophone Africans. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to affect sustainable change in eye health, we’re breaking down all the ways you can below. 


How to Give TODAY

If you are ready to donate, we make it quick and easy to give securely online through your bank account, debit card, or credit card. Making this donation in honor or memory of a loved ones for the holiday? You can dedicate your gift during the donation process, with an option to notify someone through email of your gift.  

The most impactful way to give online is to make your gift monthly. This is an option for those most dedicated to providing the gift of sight to Francophone Africans all year round. When friends like you give monthly, we can better plan our programs due to the promise of consistent funds throughout the year. Of course, our monthly givers can change their gift amount, the method of payment, and more at any time! 

Did you know that you can also donate publicly traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds to the OPC? It’s both easy and smart! When you donate appreciated securities, you can deduct the gift as a charitable donation and avoid capital gains tax at transfer. This allows you to leverage a larger donation by using appreciated securities rather than cash to make your gift. If you are interested in this option, please email us at 


How to Create a Legacy

Francophone Africans are relying on us today, but also need our sustainable help in the future to ensure we can empower new generations with sight. Leaving a gift to OPC in your will is a beautiful way to leave a meaningful legacy. Including OPC as a beneficiary in your will, retirement account, life insurance plan, or in a trust not only is lifesaving for those we serve, but also provides many benefits to you. Learn more about leaving OPC in your will!  


How Your Organization or Corporation Can Help

Partnership and collaboration lie at the heart of our life-changing programs. Not only do corporate sponsorships power our programs to reach more individuals in need of help, giving adds value to our partners as well. Find out if corporate giving is right for you. 

OPC is also proud to be a trusted partner of charitable foundations like Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) or The World Health Organization. Our foundation partners often choose to support a specific project or grant an unrestricted gift to OPC which allow us to put more “boots to the ground” on their behalf. Learn more about how we can implement your foundation’s philanthropic vision. 


One of the reasons our programs are so effective is that we have forged close institutional partnerships with governments, nonprofits, and civil society organizations. With global partners such as Sightsavers and UKAid, we are known as a trusted partner. We invite other potential partners to discover how we make meaningful change together. 

Year-end Giving Fuels our Mission Next Year 

However you decide to give this year (and we have even more options to explore), your donation will be hard at work into the new year. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to provide sustainable access to sight.